Early Childhood Care – Development & Educational Programme

The driving force of the ESI ECCDE programme is hinged upon the fact that it is easier to shape a child than to rebuild an adult. Since early Childhood education experiences positively affect a child’s home and school involvements in education in later years, the primary objective of this programme is to avail children in the rural communities of River State the opportunity to access Montessori Styled kindergarten education with emphasis on the “Girl-Child” education. The target group for this project is children between the ages of 3 – 6 years.

It was on this thrust we convened the first ever National Conference on Kindergarten Education in Nigeria, which eventually culminated to an annual conference. So far, we have established 85 ECCDE centres (both permanent and temporary) in 15 Local Government Areas of River State.

As an action based outfit that is poised to conscientize the citizenry towards a purposeful, productive and fulfilled life, particularly forthe disadvantaged, marginalized and excluded; ESI has created a platform since 2008 for a future generation equipped with appropriate skills, abilities and competencies to live in and contribute to the sustainable development of the competitive scientific world of this twenty-first century and beyond. Quality education at this level amongst others will empower the children for further education at higher levels.

ESI Kindergarten operates a rich and comprehensive curriculum that incorporates Nigeria’s UBE, British and American curricula. This equip the children to compete with others across the globe.

Need for ESI Kindergarten Education

Research shows that, children who passed through kindergarten education however marginal perform better on many social tasks than those who did not benefit from such education. Again, kindergarten education thrives in Nigeria’s urban and peri-urban canters to the apparent and seeming neglect of children in the rural areas whose population is more than those in the cities. In Rivers state for example, there is a total of 372 private schools approved for kindergarten education whilst the public schools are 834.

ESI is determined to provide good quality kindergarten education in all communities in Rivers State despite challenges. Our strong belief in quality living through improved economic wellbeing can be leveraged if children are equipped with good kindergarten education. The provision of high quality kindergarten education is the responsibility of all. ESI is open to all forms of assistance to enable us to provide the much-desired service to the generality of the populace who are our potential future leaders. It is obvious that this endeavour would reduce the level of illiteracy in the future especially among women.

By supporting ESI, you will be proud to see your donation channelled towards transforming and empowering lives, giving hope and a future to that child in need. Your gift and donation today allows us to meet and achieve this goals.

Adopt- A -Child

This scheme enables a child to go to school on scholarship funded by someone that cares. A major challenge facing our upcoming generation is that many of our children have been abandoned and deprived of quality education.

At ESI we are running a robust programme to stand up for the less privileged and vulnerable persons.

ESI in recognition of the rights of children, necessity to achieve these objectives, and in line with our core value and vision initiated the programme ‘Adopt A Child Initiative’ to facilitate these rights to the less privileged children in our society.

The scheme is an educational intervention programme that aims to attract scholarship for ECCDE beneficiaries.

In line with our strategic plan to sustain good educational standard, the ESI seeks to partner with philanthropist, well-meaning Individuals, educationists, corporate bodies, religious and social organizations, in order to join hands in the drive to touch the lives of indigent children through “ADOPT-A-CHILD INITIATIVE” which is aimed at sponsoring children through early child education.

This will go a long way in creating the needed access for a child to acquire quality pre-school nursery education at any of the ESI nursery school in Rivers state. Currently, we have 37 nursery schools running in some Local Government areas in Rivers State. Your support can change a life.

The overall objective of this program is to put in place a process of grooming the young ones who shall become patriotic and productive individuals to Society. Consequently, these individuals find dignity in labour, uphold ethics, values and good moral standards.

The principle is to catch them young. Please be part of this initiative for positive change and transformation by donating to this course. “yes, we can…if we try”

When we inculcate sound moral values in children through quality education with requisite knowledge and skills, their quality of life is enhanced.

The resultant effect is an independent individual with sound character will erode crime and social vice. The correlation between independence and good character, will no doubt reflect a better society.


ESI’s ‘Feed -A- Child’ Initiative is a nutrition based programme for promoting good eating habits and inculcate value for good nutrition from childhood by providing one balanced meal a day to a good number of vulnerable children in ESI schools in the rural communities of Rivers State.

By this programme, ESI is working towards achieving the objectives of the millennium development goals that seek to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

This is in line with ESIvision of building values and ethics. Research has it that the formative years of the child (ages 0-8) are the most important developmental stages for establishing healthy eating and exercise patterns. These patterns will enhance optimal growth, cognitive as well as neurological development and prevent nutrition related diseases. The absence of appropriate nutrients and lack of physical activities during these early years will no doubt elicit signs of cognitive impairment.

The programme is currently feeding 700 ESI pupils across the Schools in partnership with Sahara Group and Food Basket.

Therefore, the Feed-A-Child Programme [FAC] provides organizations and well-meaning individuals the platform to contribute through their corporate social responsibility by giving back to their society wherein they have benefited in one way or the other.Please join us today to sign up to Feed A Child and start making a big difference in the life of one child.

It is imperative to inculcate good eating habits and value for good nutrition from childhood. These have lifelong benefits such as empowerment, self-actualization, accelerated sustainable community development which are in line with the tenets of the Sustainable Development Goals-SDG’s, that aims to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Lady Cabbies

This micro enterprise scheme was established in partnership with our affiliate banks and aimed at promoting the advancement of women in the transportation industry by bridging the gap of inadequate transportation facilities. The scheme has empowered women who are economically disadvantaged through the provision of commercial vehicles.

Prerequisite for participation in the ESI Lady Cabbies Transport scheme:

  • The individual is a woman (80% quota).
  • The individual is a man (20% quota).
  • S/he is between 23 and 40 years of age.
  • The person is less privileged.
  • The person is unemployed.
  • The person is deemed to be medically, mentally and physically fit for the project.
  • The person must have no criminal record.
  • The person must be able to produce two (2) credible guarantors.

Nine [9] major steps to acquire Cars | Buses:

  • Interested persons shall apply to ESI by completing the ESI lady cabbie transport scheme application form.
  • The applicants’ forms will be screened after which prospective beneficiaries will be interviewed by ESI personnel.
  • The Successful applicants will then be formed into groups of cooperative society by ESI.
  • Within the cooperatives, the individual members will enter into a contractual agreement with each other in addition to the cooperative society’s bye- law that guides them.
  • The cooperative society as a group under ESI will also enter into a contractual agreement with ESI.
  • Our affiliate banks will issue auto lease offer letter to the individual through ESI.

Our long-term plan is to train and engage these women on the scheme with the view to equipping them with the necessary resources to take control of their welfare without recourse to hand-outs from friends, family members, government, and to promote the industry in a more exciting and positive light. So far, we have 3 batches with 123 beneficiaries in the scheme.

The ESI Lady Cabbies Scheme is the first ever organised women taxi scheme in Nigeria.

  • Commissioning of 1st Batch of Lady Cabbies Scheme 23rd July 2009
  • Commissioning of 2nd Batch of Lady Cabbies Scheme 16th January 2010
  • Co-operative training for 3rd Batch Lady Cabbies (Bus Transport) May 14-16, 2012
  • Commissioning of 3rd Batch Lady Cabbies (Bus Transport) May 26, 2012

Entrepreneurial Development & Skills Acquisition

ESI as an instrument of development and having taken advantage of the need to bridge the gap created by the dearth of skilled workers, has formed synergetic alliances and partnerships with other notable and credible NGOs, governmental agencies and distinguished players in the private sectorin order to drive our vision.

At ESI we perceive vocational training and skills acquisition as a viable means towards empowering our target segment to be economically independent. This group form the bulk of vulnerable members of our society. The limitations occasioned by lack of basic education exposes them to social vices that impede productivity.

The Entrepreneurial, Vocational & Leadership-Value Enhancement Project (EVOLE-PROJECT) is a platform designed with the objective to create entrepreneurial and vocational education for youth and women, especially those drawn from the rural areas of the Niger Delta Region to increase technical expertise.

EVOLE-PROJECT is geared towards equipping modern day entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge that is required to be relevant and successful harness the principles of best practices in their day-to-day businesses and expose them to simple but modern micro business techniques with the sole aim of enhancing and impacting their entrepreneurial capabilities.

Maternal Health

Improvements in preventive and care-seeking behaviours to reduce maternal mortality in rural Africa depend on the knowledge and attitudes of women in particular and their communities at large.

It is against this background that ESI in collaboration with the Physicians for Peace (PFP America) conducted a five-day training programme on Helping Babies Breathe (HBB). HBB is a resuscitation method on new-borns geared towards improving the skills and enhancing the knowledge of health workers who seek to reduce maternal and child mortality. Prior to this, ESI conducts periodic health outreaches in various Local Government Areas of the State with the donation of a Mammogram machine as its high point.
ESI contributes to healthcare development through a variety of interventions and programs.

  • Funding support for medical treatment.
  • Immunization.
  • Free breast, cervical and prostate cancer awareness campaign.


Since 2012, ESI has conducted over 20 immunization campaigns in several communities, cutting across different states across thecountry.


Since 2012, ESI has serially conducted a one month free breast, cervical and prostate cancer awareness campaign every year across various location in Nigeria.During the course of the project, recipients diagnosed with breast lumps and fibroid are sent to the State University Teaching Hospital for further screening, surgery and treatments. ESI pays the charges incurred.

The achievement and maintenance of healthy living is a continuing practice, influenced by both the development of a good health care knowledge and practices, as well as personal plans and systematized innovations for staying healthy. Health is the degree of operational efficiency of a living being metabolically which indicates the extent of freedom from illness, injury or pain from one’s mind, body and spirit. It was also defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its broader sense in 1946 as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity maternal health.

Improvements in preventive and care-seeking behaviours to reduce maternal mortality in rural Africa depend on the knowledge and attitudes of women in particular and their communities at large. Surveys have indicated Poverty and low literacy as primary factors that inhibit women’s access to health care. Living life as a woman comes with lots of benefits.

Unfortunately, being a woman also means having specific health needs, which should not be over-looked and a fantastic sense of intuition (among other things) which should be harnessed to adequately function in their role as mothers. Some underlying health issues stem from body image issues to breast and ovarian cancer to menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and beyond.

ESI-empowering a generation since 2008

Advocacy Programmes

Our goal is to impact life through various programmes that deals specifically with women, children and youths. Programmes which add value to members of society and cause positive change in their lives.

ESI aim to become the voice of the voiceless and champion the cause of the underprivileged in our society taking our advocacy to Government and its agencies, game changers, well-meaning individuals and corporations etc, who share in our passion.

Notable areas of advocacy programmes include: legislation for Kindergarten Education, The Girl- Child Education, UNICEF, Campaign Against Prostitution, Mass Literacy Campaign, Advocacy Against Child Trading and Hawking, Against HIV Aids, Cancer and Maternal Mortality amongst many others.

The time to be involved is now, we appeal for your support and will be happy to receive your assistance.