Meet the founder

Welcome to ESI – one of the most successful NGOs in the country, a place where you can join other passionate individuals, corporate bodies, institutions, government, non- governmental organizations and international bodies in reaching out, empowering and impacting the lives of families and children in need in Africa, giving them hope and a future through your contributions, gifts and donations.

Since 2008, ESI has charted a new course for the helpless, less privileged, the abandoned, supporting women, youth and children and providing intervention in various areas of need which includes amongst others:

Early childhood care development and education programme with over 3,500 beneficiaries in Rivers State and its surroundings.

ESI has successfully provided Entrepreneurial development to 113 women in a sustainable public transportation through the Lady cabbies programme.

ESI has also provided various training programmes in vocational skills and entrepreneurial development including capacity building to over 3000 beneficiaries, helping to equip them with skills, knowledge and competences they need to succeed in their chosen field and support small and medium size employers to boost the economy and create a qualified workforce to fill the skill gaps.

Other areas are Provision of Adults mass education and literacy programme and the Establishment of 85 schools’ tuition free, in 15 Local Government Areas through ESI Model Nursery Schools.

ESI has also made significant success on our Maternal Health Programme in addition to other advocacy programmes in collaboration with UNICEF and other national and international bodies.

ESI primary goal is to impact life through various programmes that deal specifically with women, children and youths. Programmes which add value to members of society and cause positive change in their lives.

By supporting us today, you will be proud to see your donations channelled towards transforming and empowering lives, giving hope and a future to that child in need.

We hope you find the area of engagement and support you are looking for.

There are lots of work ahead and we are determined to continue by God grace but we look forward to your supporting us in every step of the way.

                                       Dame Judith Amaechi

                                 Founder ESI 



To provide sustainable development for children, youths and women who are excluded from social-economic activities. This will involve the engagement of practical assistance with the most qualified and professionally trained manpower in collaboration with a group of likeminded individuals and well-meaning organization in Nigeria and across the world, shifting them from handouts to sufficiency.


  • To impact the foundations of life anchored on values, ethics and dignity of labour upon the children during their formative years;
  • To re-orient the youth by impacting competitive, marketable, employable and income generating qualities and skills;
  • To empower women to attain appreciable and sustainable income and livelihood through the provision of training and resources necessary to stay healthy and productive.


Hon.Dr. Dakuku Peterside – Chairman
Mrs. Yime Joi Okunnu – Member
Mr. Minabelem West – Secretary
Mr. David Iyofor – Member
Mrs. Ezinwa Okoroafor – Member
Dame. Judith Amaechi – Founder/Member


The administrative structure of ESI is ran by an administrator, administration staff, volunteers, expert groups and partners who have competence to engage in various arms of the organization.

The primary task of this segment of the organization is to implement the programmes and projects of the ESI. Together, with a committed team of specialist, we aggressively challenge our society to achieve our mission.


Empowerment Support Initiative (ESI) was founded in 2008 as a non-governmental and non- profit-making organization to reach out, empower and impact positively lives of children, women and youths especially the less-privileged, abandoned and needy; through the adoption of purposeful measures to better their lots and with a decade of experience of helping them and communities escape poverty and move them into a new, improved and sustainable economic status.

Dame Judith Amaechi founded ESI a decade ago,as wife of the Governor and first lady of Rivers State out of passion and empathy for helping economically down trodden due to her own circumstances and experience following the demise of her mother at a young age and this suitable and higher platform enabled her to reach out to the entire Rivers State, nation, Africa and the world as the champion of the women, children and youth who have no other recourse.

Since then, ESI has aggressively engaged in many children, women and youth educational and vocational activities including capacity building both in national and international stages and formed synergies with other NGOs, institutions and corporate bodies, government and agencies who share in our passion and mission.

Key milestones from inception to date

Early Childhood Care Development & Education

• Establishment of 85 nursery school sites in 86 communities of 15 LGAs in RIVERS STATE.
• Seven (7) permanent sites of ESI Nursery school fully complete
• Twenty (20) Permanent sites are under different stages of construction.
• Provision of Kindergarten from of education to 3,503pupils’ tuition free.
• Graduation of 2571 pupils since inception. Research carried out showed that the these pupilsdoing better than their counterparts in the rural areas who were not exposed to this form of education
• Employment of over 300 Teachers from the host communities
• Training of the 960 Teachers Cambridge system of instruction by British Council
• Provision of scholarships to some orphans and indigent children of the State at Secondary School Level
• Organization of ION Film Festival where some secondary school students were trained and certified in digital cinematography, budgeting & networking, script writing and digital sound composition.
• Convention of world Literacy Programme to commemorate World Literacy day
• Initiated a movement for the domestication of the Childs Right ACT
• Organization of the Yearly National Conference on Kindergarten Education in Nigeria since October 2010
• Participation/presentation of a paper on” Access to education of Girls –A right or a privilege “at the 55 parallel Event organized by Commission on the status of woman ,United Nations Head Quarters ,New York between February 22 to March 03 ,2011
• Presentation of ESI ‘s Approach to Early Childhood Care Development &Education (ECCDE) to SPDC/Cluster Development Forum on (CDF) – March 07,2011
• Organization of Stakeholders’ Forum on Early Childhood Development and Education in March 22nd, 2011
• Sensitization programme on the Importance of good nutrition to the development of children April 5th 2011
• Training of cooks from LGA’s RIVERS STATE for feed a child Program in May 18th to 19th May 2011
• Weight and Height measurement of pupils at Eneka and EleleAlimini ESI Nursery schools
• DE-worming excises of pupils at Eneka and EleleAlimini ESI Nursery schools in partnership with Ministry of Health, October 18-19 ,2011
• Declaration of Child safety in Collaboration with Federal Road Safety commission –December 05, 2011
• Commencement of school feeding Titled “feed A Child Program” at ESI Nursery schools, February 13, 2012.
• Presentation of paper on “Girl Child Education –ESI Perspective” to the common wealth on Occasion of The Africa Regional Colloquium for Women Leader As Agents of Change 28 – 29 March 2012 Advocacy visit on ECCDE to Rivers State House of Assembly May 15th 2012
• Training on ECCDE Curriculum for ESI Teachers in collaborations with UNICEF 16 – 20 December 2012
• Valentine Day Feast for Orphans and Less Privilege Children, February 14, 2013 Children’s Easter Fun Fare held March 30, 2013.

Lady Cabbies Milestones

• Commissioning of 1st Batch of Ladies Cabbies Scheme 23rd July 2009
• Commissioning of 2nd Batch of Ladies Cabbies Scheme 16th January 2010
• Co-operative training for 3rd Batch Lady Cabbies (Bus Transport) May 14 -16 2012
• Commissioning of 3rd Batch Lady Cabbies (Bus Transport) May 26 2012

Advocacy Program

• Organization of first ever women summit in Rivers State on empowering women in collaboration with the Ministry of Women Affairs
• Sensitizations program at the various LGAs on the girl child education.
• Launch a campaign against prostitution
• Organized campaign/rally against HIV Aids, cancer and maternal mortality
• Mass Literacy campaign
• Initiated the movement for the domestication of child Right Act
• Advocacy against child trading and hawking
• Advocacy visit on ECCDE to Banks in Lagos and Abuja April 11 – 13 2012
• Sensitization Program on importance of ECCDE at Eveku, Emuoha LGA April 17, 2012
• Presentation of ESI Programs/Activities to Port Harcourt Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (PHICCIMA) April 25, 2012
• Advocacy visit on ECCDE to Rivers State House of Assembly May 15th, 2012
• Advocacy program on Maternal Health and related ills at Ikwerre LGA May 17th – 18th 2012
• Needs/Impact Assessment for Rivers State Women in collaboration with Ministry Women Affairs June 25th to July 03, 2012
• Presentation of report of Needs/Impact Assessment for Rivers State Women to Ministry of Women Affairs October 12, 2012


• Training of over 2000 women and youths drawn from the twenty-there LGAs of RIVERS STATE and non-indigenes in COLD PROCCES SOAP MAKING
• Training of 100 women drawn from the 23 LGAs RIVERS STATE in elaborate fashion Designing in the following areas: Patterns and cuttings, Sewing, Finishing, Fashion &Designing, Colours, Packing, General Management of Business
• Capacity building for 200 Drivers prior to empowerment with Taxis and Buses
• Capacity building for 125 artisans drawn from various LGAs in RIVERS STATE in the following vocation :(Masonry, Joinery, Painting, & Decoration, Iron Mongering, Computer Application)
• Elaborate skills Training programme in Fashion Designing Facilitated by a renowned Fashion Designer, Ade Bakare Couture for the following artisans in the fashion industry:

Sewing and tailoring,

Hat Making & Millinery,

Bead Making,

Fashion Illustration,

Fashion Modelling

• Capacity building Program for about 100 Tailors drawn from the 23 LAGs of RIVERS STATE
• Capacity Building Program for 200 Artisans Between June 26th to August 24th ,2012 in the following vocations

Carpentry & Joinery

Bricklaying & Masonry

Iron Bending & Welding

Electric Installing & Wiring Plumbing

• Orientation Program for Youth Corps members, June 11th to 12th 2012 Training of Youth Corps members and young school leavers on data collection / analyse, June 13th to   15th 2012
• Training of 150 Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, in helping baby’s breath techniques July 10-13,2012
• Medical Cleaning Methodology Training for Janitors, June 23rd to 26th July 2012
• Training Workshop for Farmers (EVOVLVE Project), December 01, 2012
• ESI/NDDC Automobile Training programme for 200 youth of Niger Delta September 3-December 3, 2013
• ESI/NDDC Construction Training programme on Home Finishing Skills for 100 youth of Niger Delta January 8- February 3, 2018.